Chapter 3. Configuration

Before you begin using NetDiff, it must be configured. The MySQL tables must be created, and the configuration file must be edited to add the target networks you wish to scan.

Follow the steps below to configure NetDiff. Alternatively, if you are using EnGarde Secure Linux, you may install the NetDiff WebTool module which will automatically create the MySQL tables if they do not exist and will allow you to configure NetDiff using the WebTool's browser based interface.

3.1. MySQL Database Table Creation

Create a new MySQL database and user for NetDiff's use. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to the online MySQL documentation. Then run the following command:

# mysql -u mysql-user -p mysql-db-name < /etc/netdiff-create-tables.sql

If you are using the EnGarde Secure Linux WebTool module for NetDiff, you do not need to set up the database, the WebTool will do this for you automatically the first time it is run.